The Nawah Way

Nawah Integrated Management System (IMS) is a tool established to aid all Nawah Energy Company employees in effective decision making to help manage and ensure reduced negative impact on safety. The Nawah IMS precisely defines the company’s organizational goals, which aim to achieve Nawah’s vision through systematic actions and guidelines.

We consider the Nawah IMS as a visual representation of what we like to call The Nawah Way.

The Nawah IMS complies with all the applicable laws and regulations, national and international standards, and nuclear industry best practices. It is a global resource for our stakeholder groups such as regulators, investors, the Abu Dhabi government, the nuclear industry and the public at large.



We established the Nawah IMS and associated requirements as guidelines for us to achieve our Vision and Mission. We refer to the Nawah IMS (illustrated) as The Nawah Way.


Our IMS management encompasses all activities at the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant and the Nawah corporate offices.

IMS Overview

The foundation of our IMS is built on a Healthy Nuclear Safety Culture. It guides our “AT SITE” Values and reflects how we conduct our business in a way that meets the highest possible standards of excellence and safety performance. We structure our organization, establish our roles and responsibilities and allocate our resources in order to perform and support the activities that are required to achieve our Vision and Mission.

We operate and maintain our plant, establish our programs, processes and procedures, as well as develop and engage our people in sustaining excellence in all aspects of our business. We do this in accordance with all applicable regulations and international standards, whilst engaging and informing our stakeholders.