CEO Message

Eng. Ali Al Hammadi

Nawah Energy Company is the world’s newest nuclear operating company, with the mandate to operate and maintain the four nuclear energy units that make up the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant. Our mission is to safely, reliably and efficiently generate electricity from nuclear energy to power the growth of the UAE. Working with the support of our Joint Venture owners, the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) and the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), we are committed to becoming a globally recognized, world-class nuclear plant operator.

Barakah is the first peaceful nuclear plant in the Arab World and, once fully operational, will deliver 5,600 megawatts (MW) of electricity to the homes and businesses of the UAE. Everyone at Nawah is dedicated to safely producing large amounts of electricity with zero emissions every day.

Indeed, our work is led by an unwavering commitment to the safe operation and maintenance of the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant as our overriding priority. Safety is our guiding principle and all our employees, from those operating the plant to the support staff in our offices, work in accordance with our AT SITE values of Accountability, Teamwork, Safety, Integrity, Trust and Excellence. We uphold the highest standards of safety and quality, and we expect the same from our suppliers and partners. Maintaining a healthy nuclear safety culture and ensuring that we continue to take a ‘safety-first’ approach across our people, plant, processes, programs and procedures, are all part of our ongoing journey to nuclear excellence.

Nawah is an Emirati-led, multinational, multicultural company, with over 50 nationalities proudly represented and over 50% of our employees are UAE Nationals. Working together with our shareholders and partners, and through knowledge transfer agreements, we promote the development and retention of skilled UAE nationals looking to develop a career and lead the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program. Our dedication to developing our human capacity will ensure we have a sustainable stream of professionals for the operation and maintenance of the Barakah plant throughout its 60-year operational lifetime.

An essential element of our success is our strong international partnerships with experienced nuclear companies and organizations. Our Joint Venture shareholder KEPCO, together with Korea’s nuclear operating company Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power (KHNP), bring more than 40 years of invaluable experience in operating and maintaining nuclear plants, including the APR1400 technology employed at the Shin Kori 3&4 plants in Korea that are the reference plants for Barakah.

Everyone at Nawah takes pride in the global recognition we receive for the work we do at the Barakah plant and we remain focused on our priority – to safely deliver clean and reliable electricity to power the future economic and social development of the UAE for the next six decades to come.

Eng. Ali Al Hammadi

Chief Executive Officer

Nawah Energy Company