Oversight Committees

Committee on Nuclear Power (CNP)

The Committee on Nuclear Power (CNP) provides an independent review of the safety and effectiveness of our operations.

The Committee was established by Nawah’s Board of Directors to assist in fulfilling the Board’s oversight responsibilities relating to: nuclear safety; regulatory compliance; environment; operational risks; oversight of construction; and operations activities in the nuclear generating facilities.

The CNP will support in complying with laws, regulations, and standards for nuclear safety, construction and operations as well as environmental and safety laws, regulations and standards applicable to the ownership, construction and operation of nuclear generating facilities.

The CNP:

  • Coordinates with the other Board Committees in areas of common interest to minimize the duplication of efforts.
  • Reviews senior management’s monthly reports and monitors the operating performance and key performance indicator results as well as trends for all generating facilities, with a principal focus on nuclear safety.
  • Receives and reviews the Quality Assurance Department’s periodic reports to ensure adherence to quality standards.
  • Oversees human resources, environment, health, safety, legal, and public affairs issues with relation to nuclear generating facilities in Nawah.
  • Can also act on behalf of the Board of Directors on matters for which the Board has delegated authority to the Committee.

The CNP is composed of six members with many years of international nuclear energy experience to provide guidance and oversight on all nuclear-related matters. It reports directly to the Board.

The Committee meets at least four times per year, and periodically inspects key operating facilities and facilities that are under construction to become familiar with the management teams, directly communicate with personnel, observe activities and plant conditions, and be informed of the latest updates.

Nuclear Safety Review Board (NSRB)

The Nuclear Safety Review Board (NSRB) was established to independently assess and report on the Nawah Energy Company’s operational readiness performance specifically in the areas of operations, maintenance, organizational effectiveness and engineering, with a focus on nuclear safety.

The NSRB utilizes professional experience and external expertise in providing improvement opportunities to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Nuclear Officer (CNO) and other senior leaders. To prepare for operating the nuclear reactors at the Barakah plant, the NSRB has adopted an operational focus.

The NSRB based their assessment on decades of experience in the nuclear industry, FANR regulations and guidance, the requirements specified in the Nawah Nuclear Quality Assurance Program, World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) guidelines, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) guidelines and global best practices.

Upon request, the NSRB Chairperson will provide reports and/or brief the Nawah Board of Directors and the CNP.

The independent oversight, observation, reviews and expert advice that the NSRB provides will assist Nawah in achieving excellence in nuclear safety, reliability and efficient operations.