Environmental Initiatives

Nawah is actively involved in a range of environmental projects including the construction of an artificial reef and breakwaters, coral propagation study, radiological monitoring laboratory and various environmental awareness campaigns. These examples are being implemented to ensure long-term sustainability for the natural areas surrounding the Barakah plant.

Marine Habitat Monitoring and Protection

The marine habitat monitoring and protection objectives include monitoring marine ecology and habitat/sub habitat changes in particular for key habitat types of coral, seagrass and macroalgae during operation with respect to predicted impacts in comparison with preoperational conditions as determined through baseline monitoring. Other objectives include compliance with EAD standards and limitations as described in the site Operational Environmental permit.

Coral Propagation Study

Nawah, in collaboration with Zayed University, initiated a three-year Coral Propagation Study in 2016. The study aims to evaluate feasibility coral propagation techniques and develop the methods for the Gulf. Knowledge transfer through integrative experimental learning on coral spawning preparation, coral spawning techniques, settlement of larvae and survival of coral recruits, re-deployment of corals after spawning and building coral trees and tables has been undertaken.

Environmental Campaigns

The Nawah Environment and Sustainability team is conducting multiple initiatives to improve environmental awareness and reduce our environmental footprint.

Nawah Environment and Sustainability kicked off Waste Reduction Campaign in 2018 that provided each employee with a reusable water bottle to reduce waste. Each individual drinking an average of 4 plastic bottled water per day can save 1,460 bottles per year by using a reusable water bottle with access to water dispensers placed across Nawah offices.

A Nawah Trash-formation contest was held in 2017 and 2018 to increase recycling awareness that can reduce the amount of landfill waste. Employees are encouraged to express their creativity and artistic talents with recyclables or salvaged materials.

Nawah, ENEC, KEPCO and other subcontractors hold an annual beach clean-up campaign in Barakah. The event is attended by hundreds of participants each year. Over one ton of waste was collected from the beach in the vicinity of the Barakah plant on November 2018.

The week of 21-27 April 2019 was celebrated as Environment Week, with 22 April 2019 as Earth Day. The Nawah E&S Department organized the Barakah Nature Environmental Photography Contest, Environment Quiz and and Ghaf tree seeds giving.