Health and Safety Policy

Management Commitments

The Nawah Energy Company Senior Management commits to support the development, implementation and continual improvement of the Nawah Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management System to provide a safe working environment for its employees, contractors, visitors and other interested parties.

Nawah, as an operational nuclear organization, requires everybody working or visiting the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant to be responsible for their own Health and Safety and that of others, and further understand the importance of reporting and addressing potential nuclear operational risks.

The Management is committed to:

  1. Provide the necessary support to ensure that plant design, procedures, staff training and competencies all help prevent injuries and illness within Nawah premises.
  2. Provide adequate welfare facilities and promote the development of a health screening process and well-being program to enhance employee and other relevant person’s health and well-being.
  3. Promote and foster attitudes that integrate risk identification and implementation of control measures incorporating a hierarchy of controls in all activities performed in Nawah premises.
  4. Provide necessary resources, both internal and external to comply with UAE legislation and other applicable requirements.
  5. Being involved in the Occupational Health and Safety targets at the Objectives setting phase to ensure they remain adequate to our Company mission and vision.
  6. Encourage a culture that promotes employee consultation & participation and reporting of Health and Safety observations as well as Occupational Health and Safety incidents including near misses, therefore by investigation of their root causes and learning we strengthen our Operating Experience (OE).
  7. Regularly monitor Nawah Occupational Health and Safety Key Performance Indicators and review their achievements to ensure their continual improvement for maintaining safe and healthy working environment.