Environment Permit

The Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD) was established in Abu Dhabi to protect and enhance the biodiversity of UAE’s desert and marine ecosystem. EAD partners with other government entities, the private sector, NGOs and global environmental agencies to adopt international best practices and innovation to institute effective policy measures.

Nawah received final approval from EAD of the prerequisite Operational Environmental Management Plan (OEMP). The OEMP approval was preceded by the approval of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), which was completed over a period of more than four years. The EIA included extensive studies about the surrounding environment of the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant site and the impacts it has on the environment. This study influenced the design of the Barakah plant’s intake and discharge structures as well as other project features. For the summary of environmental studies, follow this link.  

The Barakah plant’s Operational Environmental Permit was first issued by the EAD in 2018 and will be renewed annually. The initial issuance of this permit was achieved following a nine-year regulatory process.